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A growing number of fat women have had enough of guilt and shame, and have decided to stand up and be heard and seen. Their strongest weapon is their big bodies – they fight fatshaming with wobbling thighs, vibrating bottoms and big folded stomachs.

The fat-activist movement is growing.  It started on social media, but now the activists are moving out into the streets. We’ll follow them as they unite, but also when they are confronted with hateful reactions and sometimes even doubt themselves and their own mission.

What happens to them when they decide to use their fat bodies artistically and activisticly? And what happens to society, when we challenge our preconditioned perception of fat as lazy, stupid and unhealthy?

This is a film about empowerment, about freeing yourself from shame and the tough process of learning to accept yourself.  By studying the fat body and the fight of fat people to rise above their self-hate and discrimination, we’ll touch a sore point for many women with regard to their self-perception. By following the personal stories of several characters, we’ll take a close look at the fight to free the fat body on several levels: the artistic, the personal, the political and the activist. We’ll follow this new women’s movement from the its beginning.


We will make an international documentary film, which will use parallel stories to explore the personal relationship with the fat body and the perceptions of society and culture towards it. We will seek out “fativists” in the Nordic countries to be able to understand, that discrimination and fat-shaming are problems in all the western countries. If Nordic women – being famous for womens liberation and nudebathing – feel ashamed of their own bodies – then it must also be a big problem in the rest of the western world.


bodypositive, fatacceptance, fatfront, fativism, fatshaming,



  • Title FAT FRONT
  • PRODUcTION year2018
  • directorLouise Detlefsen & Louise Unmack Kjeldsen
  • scriptwriterLouise Detlefsen & Louise Unmack Kjeldsen
  • producerMalene Flindt Pedersen
  • photographyMarie Hald
  • in collaboration withTV2, DFI, NFI, SFI, Nordisk Film & TV Fond and Den Vestdanske Filmpulje