Hansen og Pedersen

The Neighborhood


The Neighborhood is a documentary that captures the life of 3 young people living at Nørrebro Copenhagen. Sasan, Yasmin and Haran are struggling to find their identity between their parents’ culture and the Danish. We follow them and the neighborhood around Blågårds Plads for a year.


Sasan is half Danish and half Iranian. He wish to find his way into the Danish community, but first he must accept Iran as part of his identity.


Yasmin is very determined on being an independent young woman. She wish for the same freedom as her Danish friends. Therefore she chooses to remove her headscarf, and her family reluctantly accepts her choice. She is now no longer welcome in the neighborhood and feels distant from her upbringing.


Haran’s family is Lebanese Palestinians. For several time now he has been close to joining a gang but has always chosen the other way. He really wants to find the path and gain a happy life with work and family.




  • Title The Neighborhood
  • Length75 min.
  • directorOlivia Chamby-Rus
  • producerMalene Flindt Pedersen
  • photographyOlivia Chamby-Rus
  • editingMark Bukdahl