Hansen og Pedersen

Queen of Hearts at Folkemødet 2018 – The People’s Political Festival

Hansen & Pedersen Film and Fjernsyn is proud to announce that Queen of Hearts will be at this year’s Folkemøde on Bornholm. The documentary will be displayed as part of FolkeBio.


After the film there will be a debate about the future of the trade union movement, with Lizette Risgaard and representatives from LO Ungdom. Signe Løntoft from Altinget is the mediator of the debate.


Link til eventet: https://www.dfi.dk/…/temaer/hjerter-dame-dokumentar-og-debat

Pratical information:
Time: June 14 at 16 – 18.
Place: FolkeBio. K16 the venue is called in Folkemødesystemet.