Hansen og Pedersen

The Escape

Jesper Clemmensen’s documentary, “The Escape”, will have its premiere on Danish television on November 5, when it will be shown on DR K at 8pm. The film follows Christoph Sender on his journey back to his own, and his family’s, history.


In 1977, Christoph’s family attempted to escape to Denmark by crossing the Baltic Sea in two kayaks. They hoped to get a life in freedom, but the escape turned into a tragedy. For Christoph, the time has come to seek answers to two questions that have burdened him ever since the night of the dramatic escape: Why did his West-German parents voluntarily move to the DDR in 1961, when most people were trying to escape the other way. And what went so wrong, that his parents, after 16 years, made the decision to flee with the whole family towards the West? Christoph’s journey back to his past requires him to open for the pain and darkness he has tried to shut out for many years. But the time has come for him to close that chapter – both for himself and his family.


“The Escape” premiered on German television on September 3, where it got a fantastic reception and had a market share of 10,6% on the night of the premiere.