Hansen og Pedersen

A Family at War 2004


Jørgen Flindt Pedersen’s documentary film A Family at War describes an American family with military traditions that lose their son in the war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq, 2003.


It follows the evolution of the family members through a year – how they are trying to get on with their life, living in the shadows of their son’s death. Their different ways of coping result in fights between them, bringing the war to the entire family. For the mother, Roxanne, it becomes a political awakening, the realization that she has spent far too much time being ‘an ordinary citizen’, and that the time to act has come.


The film is not only about George Bush and the American war against Iraq, it is about the relation between those in power and their servants. Not to mention the factor that dramatically forces people to reconsider their lives, consequently changing the interrelations between them.




  • Title A Family at War
  • Length55 min.
  • PRODUcTION year2004
  • directorJørgen Flindt Pedersen
  • producerMalene Flindt Pedersen
  • photographyMorten Bruus
  • editingAnders Villadsen
  • musiCKåre Bjerkø
  • in collaboration withDet Danske Filminstitut / DR