Hansen og Pedersen

Bonnie And The Thousand Men 2015


Bonnie was 18-years-old when she first started working as a prostitute. She cried after having her first customer but a couple of days later it got easier and she used the money on a vacation to the caribbean. Now 20 years later, Bonnie is the mother of three kids and lives in the provinces. She works at a brothel in the countryside of Denmark. She’s proud of her profession, hardworking and dutiful. As a result men are lined up in their cars, outside the brothel.
But Bonnie is sick and her body is telling her to stop. Even though she tries to protect herself in different ways i.e. by having a fake identity at work – Patricia. Then she’s still very much aware of, that her work makes her condition worse.
“They say that people like me detaches the head from the body, but I can’t do that, my body is a part of who I am” – Bonnie explains.
It is going to be a painful struggle for Bonnie – a fight for life or death.


Bonnie, Bonnie and the thousand men, documentary, DR 1, Illness, patricia, prostitution, television,



  • Title Bonnie And The Thousand Men
  • Length60 min.
  • PRODUcTION year2015
  • directorMette Korsgaard
  • producerMalene Flindt Pedersen
  • co-producerKragefilm
  • photographyMette Korsgaard, Maggie Olkusta, Anders Löfstedt
  • editingCathrine Ambus
  • musiCAsger Baden & Peder
  • in collaboration withOak Foundation