Hansen og Pedersen



A revolution is happening in Scandinavia. Fat Front is the story about young Scandinavian women who have had enough of self-hatred and shame and proudly call themselves FAT. They demand respect and recognition in a diet-fixated society while struggling with their lack of self-worth. For too long they have put their lives on hold. Waited to buy clothes, go out dancing and find love – until the day they would be skinny. The day never came. But they found each other and the body positive movement. Now they set their rolls and wobbly thighs free and use their bodies as activist tools. With the provocative tone of feminism and an artistic approach to the natural beauty of the body this film will change the way we view bodies. It is a film about shame and uprising but also a humoristic and heart-warming journey with a bunch of young, energetic women.


bodypositive, fatacceptance, fatfront, fativism, fatshaming,



  • Title FAT FRONT
  • Length58 min. / 2 x 40 min.
  • PRODUcTION year2019
  • directorLouise Detlefsen & Louise Unmack Kjeldsen
  • scriptwriterLouise Detlefsen & Louise Unmack Kjeldsen
  • producerMalene Flindt Pedersen
  • photographyMarie Hald
  • in collaboration withTV2, DFI, NFI, SFI, Nordisk Film & TV Fond and Den Vestdanske Filmpulje