Hansen og Pedersen

The Irresistible Man 2018


The director, Mette Korsgaard, considers herself a feminist – gender equality is high on her agenda. But after a conversation with her daughter, she realizes that she herself in a sense is also a male chauvinist. She starts to study herself and her own family – but in her quest to go deeper, and find the underlying causes, she also consults the scientific world.


She goes on around the world to connect her daily life experiences with the facts of science. She looks at simple things like who mows the lawn in the garden at home and why; she looks at social history, hormone science, neurology and evolutionary science; and she delves into male dominated spheres of the business world, politics, television and film.


This film is a sincere and humorous individual narrative about a subject that’s rarely studied under the individual magnifying glass. It is an honest portrait in which the director herself and her own family are exhibited. And at the same time it is a scientific film, where highly profiled researchers from all over the world are consulted to find answers to the questions posed: Why are we still gender biased? Why do we consider the male more irresistible than the female?




  • Title The Irresistible Man
  • Length58 min.
  • PRODUcTION year2018
  • co-starringNiels Krause-Kjær
  • directorMette Korsgaard
  • producerMalene Flindt Pedersen
  • editingBella Betmann
  • in collaboration withCreative Europe Media