Hansen og Pedersen

Humanity on Trial 2019


Salam’s Odyssey is a film about a man who rises high above the potential the world expected of him, when the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time hit European shores – and is punished for it. It’s a film about morals, law, and Europe’s conscious. It’s a film about how one reacts in the face of adversity and about doing the right thing, even at the cost of your health, your sanity, and maybe even your freedom.


After seeing the iconic TV-images of the dead 3-year old refugee Alan Kurdi on the shores of Lesbos, Salam Aldeen who is a refugee himself, soon got on a plane from Denmark to the Greek island. Within his first hours on the island Salam already started saving people from drowning in the Aegean Sea. Four months later, on the night of January 14th, 2016, he was arrested for trying to do exactly that. Salam has been charged with human trafficking. He risks being sentenced to 10 years to life in prison. All because he was trying to safe refugees’ lives

He now awaits trial in May 2018. In the meantime, he has been denied the right to leave the country. So he remains, helping refugees however and wherever they need it. His fate seems bound to theirs – mutually steeped in uncertainty. Salam’s physical and mental health is becoming strained. He overworks himself to keep from thinking too much about his situation.


Lesbos, refugee,



  • Title Humanity on Trial
  • Length58 min.
  • PRODUcTION year2019
  • co-starringSalam Aldeen
  • directorJonas Bruun
  • producerMalene Flindt Pedersen & Asser Bo Paludan
  • in collaboration withCreative Europe Media