Hansen og Pedersen

The Vanguard of Diplomacy – Images of Power 2004


The Vanguard of Diplomacy portrays the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the first diplomats and councilors that were sent on a mission in post-war Iraq.


The main character, career diplomat Torben Gettermann, has with a few days’ notice been reassigned from his peaceful post in Athens to a diplomatic hotspot as the first official Danish representative in Bagdad. In the middle of a war zone, where the everyday is supervised by American military, he needs to build the foundation of a Danish embassy. Torben arrives as part of the occupying power, is transported in armoured cars, surrounded by security guards, and on top of that he needs to bring a touch of Denmark to the chaotic post-war Iraq. Every day is a struggle to understand the unimportant Danish presence in an international coalition like this.


The film tells about seven months of Gettermann’s stubbornness, hard times, doubtful times, and optimistic times, as well as describing his leading officials who, under pressure from the opposition and the media, must control the assignment from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen. This film is about diplomacy and the 10th in the series Images of Power.




  • Title The Vanguard of Diplomacy – Images of Power
  • Length58 min.
  • PRODUcTION year2004
  • directorAnders Riis-Hansen / Anders Østergaard
  • producerClaus Ladegaard
  • co-producerHansen & Pedersen Film og Fjernsyn
  • photographyLars Skree / Thomas Marrot / Lars Schou / Anders Riis-Hansen
  • editingAnders Villadsen
  • musiCKåre Bjerkø
  • in collaboration withDet Danske Filminstitut / DR / Easy Film